President's Message

Dear Samajan,
Thank You for selecting me as a President of SNVVS and giving give the reins of Samaj in my hands...

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A vastipatrak is a booklet / database which contain details of Samaj's members and their family like address, no. family members, contact, occupation, marital status and other related information.



Utthaan is a Quarterly Magazine published by Shree NavgamVisanagarVanikSamaj which provides information to the members of the Samaj about the various activities carried out by the Samaj.
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  • We have started process of Digitizing every Data of our Samaj. We humbly request you to submit your Family Updated Data by any of 2 options mentioned below:

    1.     Filling physical form & submitting to Samaj office OR
    2.    Click Update button below Vastipatrak and update your family Data.
  • We are publishing our Magazine called “UTTHAAN” every quarter. If you are good writer then send your article, poem, views or information to us on and / or
  • We believe that an idea can change way of life hence do share your ideas as well a small donation can be a big aid for needy person. So take opportunity to make donation on various functions like Birthday, Anniversary, Marriage or any other good occasions. We have made it simple for you by making Donation online and it gives you opportunity to pay online Donation for any of our Samaj activity.
  • * Panchang for 2018-19

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