President's Message

Dear Samajjan's ,
Thank You for selecting me as a President of SNVVS and giving give the reins of Samaj in my hands...

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List of Donors for Samaj Covid Relief Fund

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Vastipatrak is database of Family Members of Samaj which contains information like Vastipatrak No., Address, No. of family members, contact details other related information.



Utthaan is a Quarterly Magazine published by Samaj. It is mode of communication between Samaj & Samajjan’s. It provides information on various activities and happenings of the Samaj.
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  • Today is the world of digitation. It’s very important that we keep pace with the world and keep moving hand in hand. In line with the same intention, Samaj has started the process of digitization. We require your support to complete 100% digitization and for that you are requested to submit your Family Updated Data by following any of the 2 options mentioned below:

    1.  Fill physical form & submit at Samaj office OR OR
    2.  Click Update button below Vastipatrak and update your family Data.
  • In our quarterly magazine “UTTHAAN”, if you want to publish any of your article, poem, views or information, then send it to us at and / or
  • Your small Donation is very important for any Samaj to grow and reach to the mass. You can donate just at click of button and contribute for wellbeing of Samaj. Samaj has provided Online Donation Option both on website and also Mobile App.

Talent & Fashion Show 2019

Part 1 - Talent & Fashion Show 2019

Part 2 - Talent & Fashion Show 2019

Part 3 - Talent & Fashion Show 2019

Sathvaro 2018 - Selfi Photos

Sathvaro 2018 - 25 November,2018 part 1

Sathvaro 2018 - 25 November 2018 part 2

Sathvaro 2018 - 25 November 2018 part 3

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