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President's Message

Dear Samajan,
First of all a Big thank you to all for selecting me as a President and give the reins of Samaj in my hands...

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A vastipatrak is a booklet / database which contain details of Samaj's members and their family like address, no. family members, contact, occupation, marital status and other related information.


Utthaan is a Quarterly Magazine published by Shree NavgamVisanagarVanikSamaj which provides information to the members of the Samaj about the various activities carried out by the Samaj.

Senior Citizen Program
Mid Day Cricket

An Appeal

  • If there is any change in your residence address, phone number or any other details in your family, kindly inform the Samaj office for updation in Vastipatrak database.
  • If you wish to provide any article, poem, news, event details, advertisments in Utthhan or on the website, kindly contact the Samaj office.
  • If you wish to advertise on the website kindly contact the Samaj office / respective Sanchalak or send details on
  • We request the youth to come forward and take part in various activites and events carried out by Samaj
  • Various forms regarding membership, medical aid, address change request etc. are available online. Kindly download them and print it at your end to fill up.
  • For the donors ,Kindly provide your complete contact details and PAN card no. while making donations of any kind in cash or cheque to the Samaj office and insist on a Receipt.
  • If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback for the website kindly email us at

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